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Stranded In Sissy Clothes
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No sissy - I'm not giving any of it back - you're totally trapped! I'm taking your clothes, your wallet, your keys and your car and I'm leaving you right here dressed like that. You're dressed in the prettiest sissy-maid dress and the highest heels and you look so pathetic and ridiculous! No real girl would ever be seen in anything as ultra-feminine and frilly as that - only a sissy would ever wear it! I tricked you into putting it on in the middle of nowhere and now you're going to pay the price for being so gullible. I'm going to leave you right here in your girly clothes and you can find your own way home. All on your own - you're going to feel so vulnerable. Your little maid's skirt is way too short to even cover your panty-covered bottom. Your heels are too high to walk properly. You're going to look so obvious wiggling around - people will be laughing at you, pointing at you and calling you humiliating names. You'll have nowhere to hide, you won't be able to run - you'll just have to soak up all the shame. Your poor sissy face will be streaming tears from the complete embarrassment of the predicament you’re in. You'll hear girls giggling, cars beeping their horns and guys whistling and you'll just bow your head and endure their ridicule. It's going to take you hours to walk home and with every step you can think about me and how I've been so cruel to make you do this. Think of me laughing, knowing that you're lost on the streets somewhere all dressed up in your sissy maids’ uniform with no way of calling for help. No money and no phone – poor, poor sissy victim hahaha!
Kiki Daniels
04/01/2019 - 13 minutes
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