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Tonight You Lose Your Balls
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All the preparations are in order - tonight is the night you lose your balls for good. My girlfriend at medical school is going to come over and help me castrate you. I know you're scared or kinda terrified I guess but it's for the best. You've been really struggling with the whole chastity thing for the last year and it doesn't seem fair to let you suffer like that. You watch me walking around the house in tiny little outfits and sexy lingerie sets and I can see it drives you insane with frustration. Your poor balls are blue they've not cum for so long and your limp cock drools precum all the time. The jealousy of seeing real men taking me out on dates and coming back here to fuck me, knowing their cocks are free to fuck and cum as much as they like, is tearing you apart. I've thought long and hard about it and the fairest thing we could do for you is to remove your balls and end your torment. Once those balls are gone there will be no more need for jealousy. There's no way you could hope to compete with real men without your balls. There'd be no more agonising blue-ball aching every time you see my hot little body all dressed up for my date. No more mental torture of having inferior beta equipment and no way of using it - once they're gone you'll understand your sex life is over once and for all. I know it's frightening for you but we both know it's the right thing to do and tonight my friend is going to take your balls from you forever. I can't wait to see your pathetic, weakling body without those pathetic beta-balls hanging from it!
Danni King
14/09/2018 - 11 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Tonight You Lose Your Balls - #castration