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You're so adorable - you obediently locked your poor cock away in that little device just because I asked you to. You trusted me when I said I just needed you to prove your love to me and guess what - I've betrayed that trust. I couldn't care less for your proof - I tricked you and trapped you in chastity. And whilst I'm being honest with you now - here's another little nugget of truth for you - You will never get to touch the keys to that device ever again. Heartless wifey huh?

I'm going to keep these keys on a little chain around my ankle - not because I'm ever going to need to use them - but so you can be constantly reminded that it was me that put you in this predicament. I'm not your wife anymore I'm your Goddess. I will no longer consider you my husband. - instead you will live as my personal, owned, chastity slave 24 /7 for the rest of your life.

There are going to be rules to this relationship and trust me - you are going to learn to follow them without question or complaint. Whenever I snap my pretty fingers at you, you will present yourself read to do whatever I demand. You will NEVER speak without my permission, other than to say ''Yes Goddess. How may I serve you?'', Besides going to work to support me financially you will also take care of all of the housework and worship me whenever and wherever I demand.

You will crawl behind me on your hands and knees. As well as the chastity device you will also have to wear a locked collar so that I can put you on a leash to drag you around like a puppy whenever and wherever I like. From now on I do not expect to lift a finger, I am your Goddess and I will live the luxury life I deserve.

Added: 13 Mar 2020
Clip Length: 15m 07s