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White Boys Become Sissy Cuckolds
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Aw it must suck to be a whiteboy wimp like you. You drool over hot girls like me all the time - dream of what it would be like to feel my big tits and perfect ass - maybe even to fuck me. It must be so hard for you knowing that you'll never get anything from me. Hot girls like me don't fuck whiteboy weaklings like you. Girls like me want to be satisfied by real men with big black cocks - not pee-wee limp-dicked white cocks like yours. It's time to accept that beta white boys like you are destined to a life of inferiority to superior black men. It's time to accept you're going to be a sissy cuckold to one of my big black boyfriends. You're a failure as a man and you need to come to terms with the fact that your place in life is serving beautiful Alpha white girls like me and our Alpha black studs. First, you'll be turned into my sissy to strip you of your masculinity and to identify you as less than a man. You need to experience the shame of being forced into pretty girlie clothes in front of a giggling girl as I ridicule you for all your inadequacies. I'm going to thoroughly emasculate you before introducing you to one of my hung black boyfriends. I want HIM to enjoy your humiliation as much as I do. Your useless locked up whiteboy dick will look so pathetic next to his huge black cock. I want you to kneel at the end of our bed in all your feminine frills as a real man fucks me. You're going to be our sissy cuckold - serving your hot dream girl and her black boyfriend. This is the best a white boy wimp like you can ever hope for. Turned into a sissy cuckold for our amusement!
Lucie Jones
03/09/2018 - 12 minutes
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