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I've promised the boys a delivery of 2 submissive sissies to fuck and humiliate and that's exactly what they're gonna get! You and your boring little wife are gonna be those sissies, and let's be honest - she could use the fucking makeover anyway. I'll go EXTRA sissy on her! I'll make her look way more sissy than they're expecting. You've been jerking off to sissy-porn forever - you already know the kinda thing these pansy-fucking perverts are looking for - but I'd bet wifey has no fucking idea right? She has no idea what's coming - the frills, the petticoats, the ribbons and bows, the ridiculous outfits and impractical heels. And she's going to get it all - lockable dresses and shoes, mincing ribbons, ruffled panties - a silly bonnet and jingle-bells, a long curly blonde wig and layers and layers of thick feminizing make-up! She's going to be turned from little miss average into a prissy little princess. She's gonna become a sissy - just like YOU!

And you know what sissies get right - I mean before all the cock sucking and sissy-hole poundings - they get humiliated. They get totally humiliated because it's so much fun to humiliate sissies. Y'know - making dance in your pretty outfits, making you mince and wiggle and pose and curtsey - both of you in your ridiculous dresses. You'll be bullied by those boys, sissy, made to prance and parade as they make fun of you both. Your poor wife - she'll be living out the fantasies you've been jerking off to while my guys laugh at her. She'll be made to bend over, she'll be spanked and made to thank them for every humiliation. And so will you sissy - you'll be emasculated right alongside her - degraded in your little dress just like your wife. You won't be saving her from all this shame - you'll be swallowed up by it too. You and your wife are gonna be sissies for my real-man bullies - humiliated sissies.

She's gonna learn all about your fetish the hard way sissy - by experiencing it first-hand. And that means learning the golden rule of being a sissy - you exist for the pleasure of men. I want her to watch as the boys use you first. I want her to see what's coming to her next. They'll tie wifey up in her padlocked sissy-dress and let her watch as they give you what every cock-teasing pansy like you deserves. You're gonna get double-fucked right in front of wifey. One cock in your mouth and another from behind. They're gonna gang-fuck you - you frilly pansy - while wifey struggles next to you. They're gonna force you to make girly noises and beg for more as they fill you with cock and pump their cumloads into you... and then it'll be her turn - sissy number 2. Wifey is next and she's gonna get it even worse - you were just the warmup sissy - the fluffer sissy. Wifey is the main event and they're gonna go to town on her. By the time they're done... she'll be a real girl all over again!

Added: 04 Jul 2021
Clip Length: 15m 01s