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It's time to stop torturing yourself betaboy. I'll never look at you the way I look at other men. I like my men tough and manly not wimpy and effeminate. I know you're disappointed - the object of your obsession rejecting you over and over. The dream girl you drool over all the time calling you out for being too much of a wussy to be taken seriously. It's time to accept it loser - you'll never have me. You'll never have me, and you'll never have a girl like me. Hot girls are just not interested in guys like you. There is a 'but' coming though and it's the perfect consolation prize for a weakling like you. You'll never have me but a girly little pansy like you could defo be me - at least kinda. I'm gonna turn you into the perfect object of your own desire - me. I get to dress you up like a dolly and make fun of you, humiliate you and bully you and you get to spend time with me! You want to spend time with your dream girl right sissy? Because you LOVE me so much - I'm going to turn you into a sissy version of me. I'll dress you in the same cute clothes, I'll fix your makeup just like mine and I'll give you a wig to look just like my hair. I want you to look just like me - and guess what you can even have the same name - I'm gonna call you 'Sissy Nikita' hahaha! Aw I guess this is gonna be pretty humiliating for you - the girl you love the most - the girl you've always dreamed of impressing in the bedroom someday - doesn't want to fuck you. Instead all she wants to do is dress you up to look just like her. Making you wear girly panties and pretty dresses so she can make fun of you. Poor sissy!

Added: 29 Apr 2019
Clip Length: 13m 47s