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Paraded In Panties For Your Ex-Girlfriend
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Seriously? You let her do this to you? You let her dress you up like a girl?.. A Sissy? You must feel so humiliated right now! Your new 'girlfriend' sent you in here and paraded you right in front of me - out of everyone she could have chosen to see you like this she chose your snarky ex-girlfriend to show off what she's done to you! Haha! Why don't you give me a twirl and a pretty curtsey SISSY! Curtsey so I can get a proper look at what she's done to you. OMG - She's totally FEMINIZED you! She makes you wear panties and skirts and heels and all things girly just to humiliate you? She bullies you like this in the most embarrassing way and you just let her? And I thought I used to be such a bitch to you! You must feel so embarrassed - You're dressed like a sissy for your ex-girlfriend - how fucking humiliating for you!

Just look at you! A frilly bra and panty set with suspenders and stockings and your poor little corseted waist pulled in to a girlish wasp - Ouchy! Everything looks so tight and uncomfortable sissy - you must be hating this so much! You look so feminine! So adorable! Hahaha! And look how smooth you are too - there's not a hair on your body - you look so fucking girly - it's so funny! You must feel so ashamed of yourself right now. Your new girlfriend must be loving this so much - knowing how embarrassing it must be for you as your ex-girlfriend humiliates the fuck out of you. You've been paraded for my amusement and there's nothing you can do about it. Twirl for me sissy - pose in your girly things! Show me how much of a SISSY she's turned you into!

I can't wait to tell all my girlfriends - I can't wait to tell EVERYONE what your new girlfriend has done to you. I'm gonna make sure everyone knows what she does to you - the frills, the ribbons the serving-maid uniform and OMG what the fuck!? Is that?.. Are you?... You are! You're locked in chastity too! She's locked your little dick away too! Haha - You're an actual locked up sissy! Your life is so pathetic - and now that I know all about it I'm going to help her humiliate you even more! If you think your girlfriend parading you in front of your ex-girlfriend is humiliating - just you wait sissy! I'm going to parade you in front of people who are literally going to make you cry with shame!

Added: 30-10-2022
Clip Length: 14m 05s
Feminization Humiliation Chastity Public Humiliation

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