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Locked For Being Too Small
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You pathetic runt-dicked little failure. Like what the actual fuck? How were you hoping this would play out? Your cock is fucking tiny FFS! It's TINY and you should be SO fucking ashamed of yourself. Not only am I not going to fuck you - but I am literally going to expose you to EVERY girl I know. Girls need to know you are out there with that little thing. Girls need to be protected from having their time wasted - nobody is going to want to fuck you loser - nobody. All you deserve it to be totally fucking humiliated... humiliated as you're made to jerk off too! I want this verbal reality check to be branded into your mind so that you never forget what you are to girls like me - fucking pointless - a fucking joke - a fucking cock-failure of a man that will NEVER be taken seriously!

Did you think I'd just be too nice to say something about it or something - is that what you thought? That I'd be too nice and pretend not to notice and you'd get some kind of pity-fuck? Not going to happen loser - I'm a fucking size-matters kinda bitch... we all are, loser and I'm going to prove that to you because every girl I know is going to find out about your tiny little cock. I want them all to see it and I want them all to laugh at you. I want you to be famous in the CruelGirlfriend dreamhouse for being that guy with the micro-penis. I want you to be too fucking terrified to ever get that little thing out for a girl again. Do you understand how tiny you are - how sexually useless that pointless little nub of yours is to a girl? You should be fucking ashamed of it, loser. You should be ashamed every time you look at it!

I would love to make you stand next to one of my boyfriends just so we could compare you. Like measure you both side-by-side to show you just how tiny you really are. Can you imagine a whole room of girls giggling as we compare you to a regular sized cock? And you know what else we'd all do to you loser? We'd lock that little cock away inside a teeny-tiny chastity device an EXTRA small device - even smaller than this little pink one we lock wimp-dicks away in. You deserve to have it all locked away because a cock that tiny doesn't deserve to be free. Small cocks like yours should be locked away in chastity so nobody has to see them - and then you can fucking thank me for saving you from a whole lifetime of humiliating ordeals like today's, loser!

Added: 03-04-2023
Clip Length: 12m 48s
Small Penis Humiliation Chastity Humiliation

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