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It's Never Over Cageboy
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It must feel like it's all over for you now cageboy - no more girls ever again. You are pussy-free, erection-free, jerking-off-free and for the most part, orgasm-free... all thanks to me! I say for the most part because I'll make sure you get to cum - it's just not ever gonna be the kind of 'gasm real men would call a 'gasm. Does drooling frustration slime from the end of that chastity cage sound like an orgasm? Does having a thick silicone cock pushed deep into your ass until a hands-free sissygasm is milked from your balls sound like an orgasm? Does buzzing your cage with a powerful vibe-wand until your beta-sperm oozes from your limp, imprisoned cock sound like an orgasm? No I didn't think so - but that's all you'll have to look forward to from now on loser - that's as good as it gets for you - now that I have you locked away in that cage.

I know it must difficult for you - knowing that your sexlife is over but it doesn't have to be TOTALLY over y'know... it's just the parts that follow your cock getting hard that are over. Sure, boners are gone for good, getting your cock sucked isn't gonna happen for you, definitely no fucking or jerking-off anymore and we've already covered your options for cumming - but that still doesn't mean your sex-life is completely over does it cageboy?.. you still get to enjoy all the teasy, edging, tormenting parts of your sex-life that don't require access to your cock. You still get the bratty humiliation you used to love before I snapped you into chastity - you just don't get the big powerful humili-gasm at the end.

Yeah - the best part of your sex-life still exists, cageboy - the tease and denial part. The endless torment of watching your dream-girl show off her perfect body - her big fake tits, her incredible ass, her tiny waist. Watch me twizzle my hair and blow you sarcastic kisses as you suffer in your cage - drooling pre-cum as the key to your cage dangles right before your eyes. This is what a pussy-free runt like you deserves - to be locked away and teased - kept away from your own cock by the girl you want the most. Teased and teased over and over again - You must be in so much pain - Do you want the teasing to end? Do you want me to stop, cageboy? Do you want it to be over?... Trust me cageboy... it's NEVER gonna be over!

Added: 09-06-2023
Clip Length: 14m 28s
Chastity Humiliation Tease And Denial

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