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Haha - What Do You Mean Release Date
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Release date? Who said anything about a fucking release date? You wanted it on in the first place remember? You wanted to 'try chastity'. So now your cock is caged away in chastity - just like you wanted. You can't touch it, you can't jerk-off, you can't get hard, you can't fuck - and best of all... you can't do a single thing about it. All those pictures and videos and the stories about chastity that turned you on so much that you were so desperate to share with me. You must have really wanted me to do this to you. You must have really wanted to lose all control of your cock - so congratulations, you're all locked up - just like all those guys were in your humiliation-porn and here's the thing - there is no fucking release date!

There's no release date chastity boy - you're locked up indefinitely. And just like in all that humili-porn you showed me - I'm gonna be such a bitch to you the whole time you're caged away. I'm going to wear the key around my pretty little neck so that you (and everyone else) can see it resting between my tits - a constant reminder of who owns your dick now... if the constant frustration of having your dick scrunched away in it's tight cage isn't reminder enough for you. I'm gonna enjoy teasing the fuck out of you all the time - wearing cute little outfits and high heels and looking SO hot around you all the time! You'll be so fucking horny but you won't be able to do a single thing about it. You'll be begging me to take that thing off - but there's no release date - it won't be coming off until I say so!

This is what you asked for and so that's what you're getting chastity-wimp. I'm only doing to you what the girls in your humiliporn do to their locked-up losers... Y'know what else they did to them? They cuckolded them too. they cheated on their poor caged-up boyfriends and fucked other men - real men. They brought guys home from bars, clubs, the gym and they fucked them. They fucked their boyfriend's friends, their bosses - even they guys who bullied them. They fucked everyone EXCEPT their boyfriends... so that's what I'm going to do to you too. I'm going to fuck other men. I'm going to treat you EXACTLY like those humili-porn femdom girls treated their wimp boyfriends. By fucking real men while you serve us in your little cock cage. Maybe I'll like this arrangement too much and you'll NEVER get a fucking release date!

Added: 30-04-2023
Clip Length: 13m 53s
Chastity Cuckolding Humiliation

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