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90 Day Chastity-Cucked Fiance
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You must be so glad I'm finally here - months of completing visa application forms, the interviews, the red-tape and then finally - ta-da! Here I am!... your beautiful Russian fiancé! You're so glad to see me huh? Yeah, I'm sure you are - guys like you don't get girls like me unless there's a fucking catch, right? Hot girls from your own country wouldn't date you... so you thought you'd rescue an out-of-your-league Russian girl from an oh-so terrible life in the East? Maybe you thought I'd repay your kindness and generosity by being your perfect wife for ever and ever?... Haha - you have no idea what you're in for idiot. The fact you've already spent thousands getting me here proves to me that you're a fucking sucker. You are - you're a sucker for my pretty face, my cute Russian accent, my hot young, toned body - and that little boner in your pants tells me you're a sucker for my bratty attitude too. Ew - make it go away!

First off - we're going shopping. You can take me to those expensive boutiques we drove by on our way back from the airport. I'm expecting designer brands, piggie - shoes, bags, clothes - a whole new wardrobe to help me feel good. And then you can buy me some essentials like a new phone and a car - nothing too flashy - a Porsche will be just fine. And we need to talk about my 'allowance' too - I want a card and full access to the bank accounts - I don't wanna keep coming to you to ask for money, okay? And also - I'm gonna speak to a lawyer about a pre-nup... I wanna be sure I'm taken care of if we get divorced... don't worry - you can leave that one to me - you can just sign it later. Finally, seeing as you're probably gonna be working a lot more to support your hot new high-maintenance wife... I'm gonna need some company around here - how about I just find myself a nice big gym-rat personal trainer to help me keep on top of this perfect little body of mine huh? You won't mind, right? I promise we'll be good, sweetie... you trust me, don't you?

You really are a sucker, aren't you? Of course I'm gonna be fucking him - I haven't travelled thousands of miles to start fucking losers like you. No, idiot, you're gonna spend the next 90 day locked in a little chastity cage while I fuck my personal trainer - and you'd better get used to it too - because after we're married, I'm gonna treat you even more like a bitch! You'd better use the next 90 days to learn how to be the perfect little subby-hubby to your new Russian Princess - you got that, loser? You're gonna be taking care of all the chores around here and running errands for me. You're going to learn to SERVE me, loser - running me baths, brushing my hair, spoiling me with acts of submission like worshipping my pretty feet and guess what - you'll still stay all locked away. Your servitude and devotion isn't going to get you unlocked loser - you don't need to be unlocked... it's not like you're gonna get to fuck me - that privilege is reserved for other guys.

Added: 07-01-2024
Clip Length: 16m 39s
Chastity Cuckolding Humiliation

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