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Saturday Night Sock-Pussy
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I'm so pleased for you, simpy. You're finally coming to terms with your new sex-life... The sex-life I decided you should have... like, NONE at all haha! Yeah, I like that for you - I like that you don't get any girls - I like it that you have to stay pussy free - I want this life for you and I'm pleased you've accepted it. I really am - I'm pleased that even though you'd love nothing more than being my boyfriend and making out with me you'd sacrifice it all and stay a virgin because that's kinda amusing for me. So what if all the other guys have girlfriends right? So what if everyone else is getting laid - out on dates with hot girls like me - getting their cocks sucked, fucking us... you're not missing anything, right? It's a small sacrifice to make me happy don't-cha think simpy? You've given up girls forever - just for me and you should be happy I've allowed you to do that - you should be grateful I gave you the chance to be pussy free for me. I know it means a lot to you - making me happy by being my virgin-boi.

Y'know what - I think it would be kinda funny if this weekend - while all the real men are out with their girlfriends - while I'm out with my boyfriend - while the clubs are full of guys looking to get their dicks sucked - and girls are swiping through the dating apps looking for a hook-up, I think it would be funny if you stayed at home with your very own dream-date. I know who you've been fantasizing about, simpy - I've seen you checking her out - there's no need to be shy or embarrassed... All you have to do is ask her out on a date... Go ahead - I give you permission... ask her... Ask my dirty gym-sock if you can date her. Haha! Ask her simpy - I want you to. Don't pretend you don't want her - she's perfect for you - look - crawl down on the floor and ask my sock to stay at home with you on Saturday night - beg her and she might just let you. Haha - go on you fucking simp - beg my sock to be your Saturday night date - ask her extra nicely - If you want me to leave my sweaty sock with you this weekend, you'd better be extra simpy - extra pathetic - extra fucking beggy and ask my sock for a date.

OK sock-fucker... If you wanna date my dirty gym-sock so badly you're gonna have to show me what you wanna do to her... I wanna see how a loser fucks his sock-pussy... Here you go, simpy - show me what you wanna do to her. Fuck my gym sock. Go ahead - put your dick inside my dirty sock - go on, reject... fuck her. Fuck her like you wish you could fuck me - like you wish you could fuck any girl - hump that sock - show her what a real man you are haha! Fuck her while I humiliate you, you pathetic sock-creaming failure. Fuck her while I laugh at you - fuck her while I call my girlfriends and tell them what I've made you do. Go on - tell her how much you love her - tell my sock how you love her, and you want to marry her. Haha You're so pathetic - fucking a sock - humping your rejection boner into my fucking sock. This is the only pussy you deserve - and if you wanna date her you're gonna have to prove you're worth it - fill that sock-pussy with your slime loser or you won't be getting a second date - go on - cum loser - cum in my sock or I'll never let you see her again. Cum in her - cum you fucking sock-fucking loser!

Added: 09-02-2024
Clip Length: 14m 55s
Rejection Shoe And Boot Worship Humiliation

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