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So my hot girlfriend Chloe has you all locked up in chastity huh? That's so funny! She's seriously hot so you must be in total agony in that thing. She told me she's making you earn your release by drooling pre-cum into a jar haha! Fuck she's cruel! Your balls must be aching so bad but you've not even leaked into like 10% of the jar! At this rate you're never gonna get out of there. Getting all teased and frustrated and dripping loser-goo into a jar is looking like the only sex-life you're ever gonna get. Staring helplessly at hot girls like us, wishing you could only touch your squished up cock and stroke away.

Maybe I have a better idea - maybe I could let you fill that jar with your real cum - not just your desperation precum. Would you prefer that? Instead of being teased mercilessly by Chloe, me and our other girlfriends in all our cute little outfits as you cry tears of precum into a jar - we'll give you the chance to fill that jar with your real cum. I know that sounds better - but that device isn't coming off loser - it's staying right where it is - locked around your poor frustrated cock. If you want to speed up your release date - you're gonna have to fill that jar with sissygasms - milked from your balls by getting fucked in the ass.

That's right chastity boy - I'm going to hang the jar over your little pink device with a cute pink ribbon and I'm gonna bend you over and fuck you with my biggest strap-on cock until your limp dick drools a sissygasm into the jar. Then it'll be Chloe's turn to make you sissygasm and then Nikita's and then Kat's and so on until that jar is full. This is the NEW predicament you are in loser. Saving up your sissygasms to buy your way out of chastity. Haha!

Added: 14 Feb 2020
Clip Length: 14m 52s