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Having your dick scrunched away in a chastity device is humiliating enough - but having to hump a pillow too... that's so much worse. I mean a real man wouldn't let a girl lock their cock away. A real man wouldn't allow themselves to be denied all access to their own cock. A real man wouldn't suffer being deliberately teased and mocked and ridiculed by a bratty bitch like me. If I told a real man I wanted to snap his cock into a chastity device, he'd probably put ME over his knee and spank ME before showing me why his cock doesn't belong in chastity - but not you loser. Na-ah! You didn't put up any fight at all. You agreed to go into chastity because you're a wimp - a weakling and submissive beta runt who does what girls say. You didn't bend me over and fuck me - you let me click the lock shut and that means all you're good for now - is humping pillows!

And because you're not a real man - You can hump your pillow just like a girl would - you're not fucking it like a man would - you can wriggle your cock-cage into your pillow and arch your back and rub yourself all over it. You can moan like a girl as you try so hard to humili-gasm in your chastity device. Hump it - show me how chastity-rejects get to fuck, loser. Show your bratty mean-girl key-holder how you fuck pillows! Keep going you little wimp - this is how you cum now - humping a pillow while I HUMILIATE you! Hump it you fucking wimp - pretend it's a real girl, pretend you're not a loser whose cock is caged away, pretend you're a real man with a hot girlfriend to fuck. haha! Pretend as much as you like loser because it's as good as you'll ever get - you only get pillows to fuck now - you're never getting out of chastity - fucking pillows is your whole sex-life forever!