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Ironically Inadequate
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News flash loser, everyone knows that you're a pin-dick. Haha, that's right! Women can spot a baby boner like yours a mile away! We can totally tell by how awkward you are. We can tell by how your eyes wander to our breasts, our legs, our asses and our shoes that you're the kind of fist-fucking pencil pecker who never ever gets laid. But more than anything we can tell by how your little pee pee instantly gets hard for hot girls. Guys who have normal sized penises and regular sex, they don't pitch an embarrassing little tent in their pants every time an attractive woman walks by. They're satisfied and they have self-control. A Sexless loser like you however, you always get raging little hard-ons in front of us, because you're so blue-balled and sexually frustrated that you simply can't help yourself. And we notice all those little boners! Oh yes we do! We talk about it behind your back too! When you're at the office or at a party and your tiny tool starts stirring in your pants because you caught a glimpse of cleavage, we all see it, and as soon as you leave the room everyone is laughing at you. We all talk about how disappointing you are in bed. We would even pity you if we weren't so grossed out by the kind of porn-addicted, crotch-rubbing pervert your inadequacy has turned you into. And that's why you need me... your Cruel Girlfriend. You need me to mock you, belittle you, humiliate you and laugh at your pathetic desperation boner, while you stroke and grunt yourself to org-spasm after org-spasm. Now why don't you take it between two fingers and rub yet another lonely loser load into your fist, while you think about what a joke you are?
Mila Amora
14/04/2019 - 12 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Ironically Inadequate - #SmallPenisHumiliation