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You're getting one last orgasm before I lock you in chastity - one orgasm to remember for the weeks, months or years I decide to keep you locked. You could be locked up forever for all you know so we're going to make your final orgasm special... And by special, I mean humiliating. Your memory of your last orgasm isn't going to be one of fucking a hot girl, a blowjob or even the best wank of your free-life. No your last orgasm is going to be so fucking humiliating for you and thats the orgasm you get to remember. Maybe I should give you the choice - I could verbally humiliate you until you cum? Would you like that loser? If I insult you while you jerk yourself off into a condom? Call you the most hurtful names and laugh at you for being so pathetic. Is that the pitygasm you want to remember? What insult will make you cum? Faggot, Sissy, Pin-dicked loser, wimp, cuckold, fat ugly retard - what will make you sputter out your final cum? Maybe I should make you watch gay porn while you jerk off? I could force you to watch men fucking and sucking each other - cock after cock flooding your mind until you helplessly cum. Every time to remember your last orgasm you'll picture all those cocks - faggot! Maybe I should just let you jerk off to whatever you like and RUIN your orgasm. You can choose your favourite porn - your favourite porn star and jerk yourself for as long as you like. 2 girl blowjobs, CruelGirlfriend humil-humiliporn or whatever you like - but at the end all you get is a pleasureless ruined orgasm. It's up to you loser - insults, gay porn or a ruined orgasm - choose your most memorable orgasm.
Chloe Love
24/02/2019 - 11 minutes
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