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I've locked losers like you up for months - even years but time isn't necessarily the best way to determine a wimp's sentence in chastity. As you get closer and closer to your release date you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel - you can almost feel the satisfaction of your first erection. You're dreaming of that long-awaited beta-gasm you've been denied for all that time. I don't want you to feel that sense of relief as every day passes and your release date gets closer so instead of measuring your time in chastity in days, weeks, months or years - I'm going to measure it in humiliations. You, loser, will be locked up for 20 humiliations. Once you have completed all 20 humiliating tasks, I will release you. You can complete one per day so that's a minimum of 20 days in chastity. Every day you will have the opportunity to submit to a humiliation and each of your 20 humiliations will get increasingly more extreme. I could start you off with something light, like making you wear a bright pink bra under your white, thin-cotton shirt while you buy panties in the mall. The next task would be even more humiliating... and then even more humiliating and so on. At some point you could be sucking cock in an alleyway with all the other whores - or is that too humiliating for you? The problem is - if any of the tasks is too humiliating you cannot progress to the next one - so you're stuck... literally! Your cock will remain locked up until you finally give in and accept the humiliation that's just too much for you to bare. How much shame are you prepared to experience for your freedom loser?