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I know it's sad your career aspirations will have to be re-evaluated and all that - but I'm gonna get you fired anyway fucktard. Me and the girls decided already. We're gonna get you fired. We're gonna get you fired because it'll make us laugh, because we don't like you, because we know you have an icky-crush on me, because it would be better if a hotter guy had your job, and because we know how much this job means to you. We're gonna get you fired and there's nothing you can do about it. Begging and crying about it will just make me want to do it even more and make it even worse for you. Getting you fired is going to make me and the girls so happy and that should make you happy too, right? You're totally obsessed with me so you should want to make me happy - you should want to get fired just to hear my pretty giggle.

You're gonna help us get you fired loser. Wanna know our plan?.. So while I'm working at my desk I like to slip out of my cute heels and switch into something more comfortable... and guess what Bella caught you doing while I was taking a coffee-break? Uh-huh she saw you steal one of my shoes. She watched you take it back to your little work-cubicle and then return a few minutes later and Euwgh! Ick! Gross! My shoe was filled with your disgusting beta-slime! You jerked off into one of my shoes FFS! That's so disgusting! That's so creepy! That's such a violation of my boundaries! That's totally going to get you fired. Bella saw you, Macy saw you, Daisy saw you and best of all we have the slimy, gooey, puddle of evidence to show HR too... don't we loser?.. Uh-huh - that's where you're gonna help us get you fired you little shoe-jerker!

Look at it this way - at least you get to jerk into my shoe for real... With all the other girls on my side, I know they'd fire you even without your 'gasm as evidence. We can all fake-cry y'know... We can all look totally grossed-out and furious with you - we're great little actresses y'know... so get jerking loser and stop pouting about all those years wasted building your career. Jerk into my pretty shoe, pervert and give me the extra evidence to ruin your life. Jerk off while I make fun of you for getting fired 'just because'. Jerk into my shoe for your office crush you little shoe-creamer. The sooner they fire you the sooner they'll find a hotter guy to replace you with. Get jerking - fill my shoe with your beta-gas and seal you fate - cum in my shoe and get ready to be fired loser.