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You're gonna kneel right down there and paint each toe cucky - I want them all super-pretty for date night. I don't want you to move until they're finished, ok? And if you don't do a good enough job, then I'm going to make sure that I punish you by not coming home for the whole weekend. I'll be with HIM all weekend - you got that cuckold? Take the pedicure kit - the one I made you beg my Princess toes to buy for them and get to work on my nails. Make sure that each and every one is perfectly painted for my date tonight. Not my date with you, remember - my date with him - your rival. The man that's more interested in my pussy than my fucking toes. The man that doesn't have to stay right down there in the beta zone with a cute pot of pink sparkle nail-polish - preparing his girlfriend for a date with another man!

I'm going to call up my real man right now and tell him everything that I'm going to do with him tonight. In detail, too, every single little thing that I'm going to treat him to. The outfit that I'm going to wear, the way I'm going to greet him with a tongue-kiss, how I'm going to sink to my knees as soon as we get a moment to ourselves to suck his dick. And then, I'll bend over in my high heels and let him fuck my pussy with his big girlfriend-stealing cock again and again and again. I want you to listen to every word as you perform my pedicure for me. You're gonna paint my pretty toes as I flirt with your rival and if you touch a single part of me that isn't my feet, I'm going to call him to pick me up right then and there and give you the cuck-beating you deserve for putting your hands on ‘his girl' haha! You're my beta-boy, my pathetic little cuckold, and you don't get to decide what parts of me you get to touch and when. It's toes only for you cuck!

You're so lucky - You get to imagine what it'll be like when I'm being fucked by another man. I'm too generous with you, really, I am! I might just start walking out of here with no warning, only coming back when I've finished having fun with my real man. Lucky for you I'm being so super-generous with you right now. If you do a good enough job on my feet - and trust me, he's not even going to notice my feet, he's going to be WAY too busy with the parts of me I keep denied from you - then I'll bring home one of his extra-large condoms, spread it over my pretty toes for you, and you can clean it off. That's so worth it, right? Knowing that you'll get to slurp up the sperm of a superior man? It's the closest I'm going to come to kindness to you, beta-boy - so you'd better take the scraps your given. Pedi-Cuck!