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Cream Of Condom Soup
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Don't you dare turn your nose up cum-guzzler. Do you have any idea how much time and effort has gone into making you this soup, huh? Open wide for me - here comes another spoonful of thick, creamy real man cum. Haha! How does that taste cum-breath? How does cream of condom soup taste, huh? Cream of totally anonymous used condom soup to be exact, loser! You literally have no fucking idea whose sperm you're swallowing down do you? Just think about it - I'm spoon-feeding you anonymous loads of spunky condom soup and you just have to open wide for each disgusting mouthful without knowing anything about where that spunk came from. I could be feeding you my ex-boyfriend's cumloads, or your boss's cumloads or maybe it's the guy I met in the gym's cumloads. You have no fucking idea - I could have found these condoms in the alley behind the strip-club for all you know. Ew! It's none of your fucking concern anyway - I decide who's cum you drink - all you need to think about is doing whatever the fuck I tell you to.

Good news for you, spunk-breath, none of the cummy ingredients in your cream of condom soup has actually come from totally random strangers. Oh no my little sperm-eater, you know every single one of the guys who donated their spunk for your cum eating training. Y'know the biggest problem a loser like you has with having a girlfriend WAY above your paygrade is that every single one of your buddies think they have a chance with me. They assume that if a hot girl like me is interested in a fucktard like you then I'd surely be interested in them. In short, EVERY guy you know wants to fuck your girlfriend so I'm never gonna be in short supply of fresh cumloads to spoon-feed your cum-hungry mouth. You get cuckolded and then you get fed the contents of your buddies used condoms by your spiteful little princess. How does that sound faggot? Uh-huh - the losers you call friends happily betrayed you to supply the condoms for the gross, slimy cummy soup I'm spoon-feeding you right now, idiot... How fucking humiliating for you. Open wide...

It's disgusting, I get it - I just don't care, loser - I want it to be disgusting for you - I want it to make you feel ashamed - I want you to feel betrayed and humiliated... with every mouthful of this gross cummy soup. You're gonna eat it all for me - every drop - I want you to lick the bowl dry - you're gonna gulp down all your friends cumloads and swallow their used condoms too - I want your stomach swimming in their slime and I'm gonna help you - I'm gonna spoon-feed you every last bit of this cream-of-condom soup until it's all gone. Uh-huh - I don't care how cold it is - how much you hate it - you'll eat it - all of it. Do you understand? I want you to eat so much cum you can't live without it - I'm gonna make it a permanent part of your diet - so that you have cum with every meal. Drizzled over your food with a delicious condom garnish. Uh-huh - this condom soup is just the start, cum-breath - you'll be eating so much cum - all donated by your best friends and drained into your mouth by your cruel girlfriend.

Added: 26-11-2023
Clip Length: 15m 55s
Cum Eating Instruction Cuckolding Humiliation

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