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Congratulations on receiving your first consignment of Real-Man Used Condoms. Your subscription to the cuck training program entitles you to 3 fully loaded real man condoms per week for you to enjoy with this welcome video clip. If you have your vac-sealed container of cummy condoms with you - open it now and select condom number 1. Hold it up, cuckold. This condom was filled with the superior cumload from Josh - a 24-year-old gym-rat. Josh is the kind of guy wimps like you will become very familiar with on your journey to becoming a true cuckold. He is confident - bordering on cocky, he is extremely good looking, muscular and knows how to handle a woman in the bedroom - just as he did with Lucia - the girl he fucked with the condom you're holding right now. The kind of girl guys like Josh have no trouble getting into the bedroom - the kind of girl that wouldn't ever fuck a subscriber to the Cuck Training program. Can you guess what you're gonna do with Josh's condom you little cuck-wannabe?...

Next condom, cuckold. Open the box and take out condom number 2. This extra-large condom was filled up with Eric's cum. Eric is big and strong and black and as you can see from the size of that condom - Eric has a very large cock too. Eric is every snow-bunny hotwife's fantasy. Dominant and assertive - a man that fully lives up to the Alpha bull stereotype. Eric enjoys turning pretty young blonde girls into his black-only size queens and rewarding whiteboi cuckolds like you with the sperm-loaded condoms he fills up while fucking them. If a man like Eric were to meet your real-life girlfriend in a bar or club - it would mean the end for you. You'd lose her to him - you'd lose her to black cocks forever - she'd never go near your pathetic, whiteboi dick ever again. Eric enjoys taking pretty girls away from white-boi wimps like you - turning them black-only - and that's what would happen to you. You'd become a black owned cuck - and accepting that is an important part of your cuck training - can you guess what I'm gonna make you do with Eric's condom, cuckold?

Condom number 3, cuckold - our mystery cumload. Cuckold's need to understand that you won't always know who your girlfriend is cheating on you with - no... sometimes she'll want to keep her real-men anonymous. That's why this condom is from an unknown source - unknow to you. All you need to know is that this cumload came from a better man than you - the girl he fucked to produce this magnificent specimen is too good for you. She was so hot and he enjoyed fucking her so much. She was pretty, she had a perfect body with big tits and a cute ass, long legs - the kind of girl cuckolds drool over - simp over - and go broke over. Uh-huh - being financially cuckolded is what you have to look forward to from girls like this, loser. She fucks other men - and rinses idiots like you - she makes you pay for her dates, fund her outfits, and pay her bills and what do you get for all that, cuckold?... you get to clean up the used condoms she leaves lying around her bedroom after her real men have left. You get bossed around and given chores and told to hand over your wallet and then - guess what you have to do with the anonymous condoms she flicks into your stupid face? Guess what you have to do with condom number 3 cuckold?...

Added: 19-01-2024
Clip Length: 16m 17s
Cum Eating Instruction Cuckolding Humiliation

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