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Sissy Slut Trained In Both Sissy Holes
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A sissy is no good to be unless she can fulfil all her sissy purposes. Our sissies aren't just dressed up to stand around in their heel looking pretty. At the CruelGirlfriend dream house our sissies are put to work. Of course, a sissy doesn't get to decide what work they're expected to do - I decide. You may be dressed in a pretty maid’s uniform and put to work on cleaning duties or sent to the grocery store for a publicly humiliating shopping list. If I have guests, you may be put to work as a serving girl - fetching drinks and making yourself useful. And then there are the sissy slut duties. Sissies can be turned into valuable earners - sold to clients by the hour - put to work as whores for my profit. This work demands a specific set of skills that require intensive training - tonight sissy, you are going to be trained to handle sissy-slut duties. You will be locked into the slut-training cage - strapped down on all fours and you will be fucked relentlessly by my fucking machine. Your helpless sissy hole will be pounded over and over by the mechanical cock - plunging deep inside you. It won't get tired, it won't stop, it will not break its rhythm - it will continue to fuck you until I decide you've had enough. And while that cock is thrusting in and out of your ass - I'm going to be right in front of you with my huge Hankey's toys cock filling your throat. You're going to be trained to take cock in both ends just like a whore. Not just regular cocks sissy, you're going to be trained to take the biggest cocks! Huge monster cocks in both your sissy-holes.
Princess Aurora
09/12/2018 - 13 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Sissy Slut Trained In Both Sissy Holes - #sissytraining