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You came to the strip-club expecting to get your little beta-runt-dick teased and grinded on by all my stripper girlfriends but look what happened to you loser! Strippers meet so many guys dancing at the club - it's easy to spot the guys who deserve hot bodies in their laps and which ones just deserve to be bullied! That's why you, loser, have ended up locked up in chastity. Instead of paying pretty girls to dance for you, rub their dream-girl bodies all over you and pretend they actually like you - all you got was locked up in chastity. You've found yourself caged by the wrong keyholder loser because now you're gonna have to keep coming back to the strip-club with your wallet full of cash - just to make sure I don't flush your key down the toilet.

You're going to come back every weekend, with your cock trapped in chastity and suffer as all my hot stripper girlfriends strut around the club in their teeny-tiny outfits and pleaser heels. You're gonna watch as real men pay dream-girls to dance for them - wishing your poor cock wasn't all squished inside it's chastity device. You're going to hear the girls giggling and pointing at you - "That's the guy who we've got all locked up in chastity!". You're going to watch as all the girls ignore you - passing you by for the real men, smirking as they walk by. Your poor little cock all locked away - you don't even get to enjoy the strip-club. You can't enjoy the girls in cute uniforms, you'll get no pleasure from their perfect bodies, their long smooth legs, their XXL plastic tits, their sexy asses. Not for you - not with your cock locked up.

Teased and denied all night long - your aching blue-balls suffering behind your cage - eventually one of my stripper girlfriends will hold your hand and bring you to the VIP room. You'll see the key to your device on a chain around my neck, resting between my tits. Want it back loser? Do you want us to free your cock and dance for you like we did for all the other guys? Then why don't you beg us loser... Beg your stripper keyholders for the key to your cock. Beg us and PAY us. Empty your wallet while we decide whether to keep you locked up for another week or to set you free. Keep tipping us you little wimp. Beg and tip - empty that wallet. You want us to take pity on you right? You don't want the mean stripper-girls to keep you locked up do you? Pay up!

Added: 26 Jul 2021
Clip Length: 15m 06s