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The Cum Tax Calculator
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You're a loser but even losers need to cum sometimes, I guess. When you're desperate and horny from all the real-life sneers and rejections from pretty girls - you log in to CruelGirlfriend for your fix of humili-porn to get you off right? But you know the rules don't you loser - you understand that cummies don't come for free. You know that your status means that you need to beg us to let you cum and then you have to pay for it. Uh-huh loser, you have to open your wallet and pay us for your permission to splat your loser-goo into your tissue. Hot girls like me know that betas like you will pay pretty much anything for that permission to cum but we think there should be a system that decides just how much your cum tax should be - which is why we invented the Cum Tax Calculator. Check it out at the bottom of the screen - the more fun you have - the more it's gonna cost you loser. So the longer you're jerking your cock the higher that cum tax is gonna be. The meaner the humiliation you get from me - the higher that cum tax climbs. The sexier I am as I ridicule the fuck out of you - the bigger that tax gets. When you cum you can see what your cum tax is and send it to me - you don't get to cum again until that cum-tax is settled. So start jerking your cock as I stamp all over your masculinity and tell you just what a loser you are. Watch that tax calculation increase with every second you're being laughed at and humiliated - you'd better cum quick faggot or you're gonna end up in serious debt!
Mila Amora
08/02/2019 - 13 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - The Cum Tax Calculator - #Humiliation