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Beg For Change For Your Spoilt Princess
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Ew - I literally can't even hide my distain for poor-boys like you - failures who can't afford girls like me - Spoiled brats who deserve only the best. You'll never be in a position to date a material Princess like me - Ne-ver loser - because you're WAY too poor - and that's how you're gonna stay. You don't have the kind of money it takes to impress me, poor-boy. You don't have the funds to dare take me shopping in the kind of places I like to be seen. The kinda places I like to shop would wipe your bank balance out with a single swipe. A Balmain bag, a pair of Jimmy Choo heels, a Moncler dress - you'd be in so much debt... your card would probably get declined... Ew! I wouldn't want to be anywhere near you when that happens - the awkward look of pity on the cute salesgirl's face as you scrabble for another way to pay. Your face burning red with shame as gold digging Trophy girls like me watch you trying to buy things you so obviously can't afford! So unattractive! You're probably used to that though, aren't you poor-boy?

You're all the same, poor-boy - wanting things you simply can't afford and don't deserve - especially girls like me. Look at me, you couldn't afford to keep a girl like me. You couldn't afford to take me and my girlfriends to the kinda places we like to be seen at. You could barely afford the cover charge, let alone bottle service in the VIP box. It's kinda funny to watch you try though loser - my rich-bitch girlfriends and I love to watch poor-boys like you struggle to impress us with money you don't have - making you charge a magnum of Cristal to your card, making you tip the hot waitress big, making you regret every dollar you spend on us. You're so out of your depth loser - this is not the world you live in - this is OURS. We'll make you blow your rent money on a round of drinks just to see that look in your eyes - that look of panic - that realisation that you're being rinsed by a table of super-hot rich girls and there's no turning back. you can't say no to us - that would be humiliating as fuck for you! You just have to keep spending!

It would be so fucking embarrassing for you loser - your card getting declined... having to tell the pretty waitress that you can't afford to cover our drinks - right in front of me and all my super-snobby rich-bitch girlfriends. We'd be so totally ick'ed out by that y'know. What would you do loser? Surely you wouldn't expect us to pay, huh? Girls like me don't spend our own money - that's what simps like you are for... so what would do about it? Y'know what we'd tell you to do - we'd tell you to beg for it. Uh-huh - go and sit outside the club with a little cup and beg for change. Beg for spare change as we enjoy the drinks you blew the last of your credit on. Beg in your doorway like a fucking homeless person and scrape together some cash so that we can just take it from you and add to our huge pile of money. Y'know This is why you shouldn't touch what you can't afford loser - this is why you should manage your expectations - this is why you shouldn't aspire to have any attention from girls like me - girls you just can't afford. You're too poor for girls like me - you don't deserve us - you never will - Never loser - you'll always be too poor for me.

Added: 19-02-2024
Clip Length: 14m 53s
Findom Humiliation

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