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Poor loser - has being my locked up chastity victim been harder than you ever expected? Are your beta-balls blue with the endless tease and denial I've put you through? The tormenting pics and videos you've been sent - the details of my dates with real men - the worn panties and stockings I've sent you, that 'accidental' call I made to you while I was getting fucked - all more than you could handle? That's what you signed up for when you BEGGED me to be your keyholder. Your release date isn't for another 9 months loser - you've got so much more torture to go through before I release you, but I guess I could let you out if I could get my fun from you in another way. Here's the deal - If you want out of the chastity contract and out of that cruel device - I'll let you out. You've just got to get a really hot girl to ask me. If you send me a video of a flawlessly beautiful girl asking me to release you from chastity, I'll send your key back. Don't go thinking you can just ask some cam girl either loser - you're going to ask a girl in a club, a hot girl you've seen in the street or someone you already know. It's going to be embarrassing for you! She will need to use your FULL NAME when she asks me for your release and she will have to tell me it's because she thinks your puny cock has suffered enough inside it's chastity device. The more humiliating her request is for you - the more likely I will send the key back to you. She's gonna laugh at you - she's gonna think you're so pathetic but the reward for your total public humiliation is early release from chastity. It's up to you Mr blue-balls.
Lucie Jones
21/01/2019 - 14 minutes
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