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Bratty Cuckysitter Mocks Your Tiny Cock
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So your wife looked especially hot tonight huh cuckold? She must REALLY want to impress tonight's guy right? I mean that dress was split so high, the heels screamed fuck-me, that lipstick - her perfectly shaved legs! OMG her date is in for a real treat. He is going to get to do whatever he wants to do with your wife tonight. He is going to get his cock sucked, his balls drained and he's going to send your wife home fucked and used. She's gonna send photos by the way. Lots and lots so you know exactly who's having all the fun with her tonight. You, on the other hand, won't be having any fun. Unless you count being bullied by your bratty cuckysitter as fun. I'm here to make sure you feel totally emasculated, shamed and humiliated about what you are - a cuckold. Now why would your cheating wife want to abuse you so much? Is it because you've cheated her in the cock-size department cuckold? Haha I already know you have a teeny tiny cock - your wife told me. She told me it's what humiliates you the most so I guess that means you need to show me your ickle cock so I can make fun of you - go on cuckold - let me see that tiny cock of yours!.. HAHA! she's right! It's SO SO SO small! No wonder she is always cheating on you - what can a girl do with a cock like that? OMG I'm gonna have so much fun humiliating you for this tonight cuckold!
Tiger Lily
30/06/2019 - 15 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Bratty Cuckysitter Mocks Your Tiny Cock - #SmallPenisHumiliation