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No silly - it's not coming off - not ever. Chastity isn't something a beta male gets to dip in and out of. Chastity is forever - and you're gonna find out just how long that really is! Chastity devices like this aren't designed and manufactured with real men in mind - they're build for betas - rejects like you. Small pink chastity devices - so cute and emasculating. The thing is we wouldn't be having this conversation if you were any good in the bedroom. If you knew how to satisfy a girl. If you had stamina and technique - if you actually knew what you were doing... but you don't. You DON'T know what to do with a girl like me - which is why you're gonna spend the rest of your life in chastity. Your dick is redundant - it's unwanted and rejected so it can stay in its cage forever and ever - you got that?

It's not ALL bad though chastity-boi. Cute pink chastity devices aren't the only things built for betas. They know you're gonna spend a lifetime suffering endless teasing and torment while you're scrunched away from pussy inside their devices so there's something else they've built for betas - perfect to help with all that frustration and blue-balled agony. A cute pink sissy-gasm milking dildo. You see beta-boi - they really do think of everything right? Now you can cum just like a 'real man' hahaha! Just because you're helplessly caged away from pussy it doesn't mean you're not allowed to 'gasm right? You're gonna get to leak your beta-sperm the way locked up wimps like you should - from an emasculating anal milking - a sissygasm! You're gonna cum from pumping your ass full of big pink cock - and your redundant cock will stay safely locked away where it's supposed to be.

You want to cum, don't you? You want to cum like all the real men who don't have their cocks locked away? You want the frustration to end - the blue-balled aching to stop? The only way that's gonna happen is if you fill your ass with cock chastity-boi. I'm gonna make you push it inside and I'm gonna tell you how to fuck yourself. You're gonna wriggle on that cock until it's balls-deep inside you and you're gonna ride it until your poor locked up cock can't take it any longer. Watch that pink cage dangle between your legs with your hopeless little runt-dick inside as you try to make yourself leak for me. Fill your ass loser - milk yourself to an emasculating sissygasm as I humiliate you. Do it beta - this is the only way you can cum now. You can't touch - you can't get hard or anything - you cum from anal only now - filling your ass with big fake cock!

Added: 02 May 2021
Clip Length: 12m 55s