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I'm Miss Jones and I will be your professional sex therapist for the duration of your therapy. I can see from your notes you've been very open and honest with us. You're here because you're lonely following the break-up of your relationship with your girlfriend - the result of her infidelity. Your ex-girlfriend cheated on you, she destroyed your ego and your finances, and you have since become addicted to pornography - a chronic masturbator. She has broken you, but I can fix you 'loser'. You don't need to worry about the word 'loser' or any of the other insults you hear during your therapy - it is all part of the healing process. Now - first of all I will need you to unzip your cock and start to jerk yourself off - don't be alarmed - if we are going to cure you, we will need to address your masturbation addiction 'head-on'. Your ex-girlfriend would enjoy seeing you like this wouldn't she? Broken and humiliated while a hot therapist talks about how she cheated on you... with an Alpha male. Simply by her cheating on you, you've had to accept your inferiority to other men haven't you 'loser'. She's rejected you for being weak in favour of a superior man. She fucked him and she enjoyed him more than you - which is why she is with him now and why you have been left with porn. Keep jerking 'loser'. Haha. What I can't help finding funny about your situation is that she took all of your money as well as humiliating you, cuckolding you and stripping you of your ego. She's with a better man and you're here - confessing to a hot therapist that you're a weak, pathetic loser. Keep stroking LOSER!...
Lucie Jones
19/04/2019 - 14 minutes
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