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Cum Like A Girl Or Not At All
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You're a sissy which means you're gonna cum like a girl or you won't be cumming at all. Being less than a man, like you are, abandons your right to use your cock like a man… which is why I keep you locked away in chastity. Not intermittently I might add - no being a sissy isn't something you just turn on or off when you like. Once a hot, Alpha bitch like me decides you're a sissy - you're a sissy for life and your cock is locked for life. The two go together. The early weeks and months of being demoted from male to sissy is hard for some of you to accept. Not having the right to cum like a man yet feeling constantly turned on by all the hot girls being mean to you, laughing at your newly feminized state, the feel of the pretty clothes you're being forced to wear and the built-up frustration that simply cannot be released. You're desperate to cum aren't you sissy - but no - there's no way with your cock locked away for the rest of your life. Unless that is, if you cum like a girl. Sissies can cum if they do so from being fucked - either with a dildo, strap-on or if I decide to let a real man fuck you. There's no need to rush things sissy, there's plenty of time for you to come to terms with the idea of men using you for their sexual pleasure - for now, if you want to cum I want you to find the biggest dildo your sissy-hole can take, and I'll talk you through how you get to cum from now on. I want girlie moaning sounds from you, I want you begging for cock, I want you backing yourself onto your dildo, use your body like you're being forced to do all the work. And when you're about to squirt your sissy-load - beg to cum bitch!
Miss Maisie
05/08/2018 - 8 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Cum Like A Girl Or Not At All - #sissygasm