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Your Forever Cage
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It's so cute isn't it. I mean yeah, it's kinda small and the colour is a little embarrassing for a boy to have to wear but you have to admit it's cute. I think it's perfect for you - I think this is the one - I think this should be your forever cage. The cage you get to spend the rest of your life locked inside. The cage you never get to take off. The cage that will keep you pussy-free for...EVER! In a few moments I'm going to scrunch you away inside this little cock-prison. I'll stuff your failure-cock in that little pink dome and snap the lock shut for good. The instant tightness you'll feel surrounding your locked-away cock will never ever go away loser. That's just one of the uncomfortable feelings you're just gonna have to get used to - along with the constant ache from your poor, trapped blue-balls and the endless frustration of denial. You'll have to learn to get used to it - you'll have no choice.

Y'know what else you're gonna have to get used to chastity-boi? Hands free chastitygasms. Uh-huh, you're gonna have to learn to cum in your cage and I hate to tell you - the options here are very limited and totally humiliating! You could use a vibe pressed up against the shell of your little pink device until your little caged-up dick leaks a pleasureless dribble of failure-cum - that can work. It's pretty pathetic but it will help take away some of the pressure in those achy balls. Does that sound like fun to you? Or maybe you could sissygasm from penetration - fill your ass up with a big thick rubber cock and fuck a super-humiliating gay-gasm out of yourself. Which sounds the best to you chastity-boi? Do you want a life of buzzing your cage until you cream out a ruined puddle or do you wanna 'gasm like a girl and pump your ass full of cock for your only relief?...

I'm gonna make you do both and whatever makes you cum the quickest is the one you DON'T get to do forever! You understand how that's gonna work chastity-wimp? You're gonna buzz-buzz-buzz your 'lil pink cage with your vibe wand until I say stop and if you haven't creamed your failure-puddle for me we're gonna swap to the cock and so on. Whatever finally makes you cum is the method you'll never get to do again... your forever cage-gasm is the way that didn't make cum... You'll just have to learn how to do it or you'll never get to cum ever again. So turn your wand up to 5 and buzz that poor trapped boner of yours loser. Buzz-buzz until I tell you to swap and then you're gonna fill your ass up and wriggle and squirm and pump and grind on that cock. Keep going you little wannabe cage-creamer. Swap... Swap...Swap... Show me how you wanna cum for the rest of your life!

Added: 20-05-2022
Clip Length: 14m 53s
Chastity Humiliation Sissygasms

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