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Oozer The Loozer
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Ew - it's back to make another worship puddle for it's Russian Princess. The Oinktard who spends it's life jerking off to humiliation porn - stroking to the spiteful insults of unattainably hot, bratty, femdom dolls - drooling over the popular girls you wouldn't so much as dare to talk to in real life. It's back to oink and ooze while I bully you and take your money - rinsing and rejecting you as you rub that little piggie-stump. You're a fucking pig - a loser who only deserves the attention of girls like me when we're humiliating you and making you pay for the privilege. You're a failure - a simp who knows the only way girls like me would ever talk to you is when we're stripping your bank account of every dollar and making you thank us for leaving you with nothing.

How does it feel, loser? Being seen as nothing more than a disgusting, ugly paypig to the girl you worship so much. For someone as beautiful as I am to see you as an object to treat like dirt? That must fucking suck - to know you'll never be good enough - never get to date me - never get to touch me - never get to fuck me. All you get is to pay me. That's as good as it'll get for you - to hear me tell you to buy me something - to hear me tell you to send me cash - to hear me tell you to pay my bills. That's all girls like me will ever ant from you - money... not your company, not your creepy affection, nothing but the contents of your fucking wallet - and that's something you're gonna have to learn to accept loser - girls don't want you - you got that, oinktard?

Does it hurt seeing beautiful girls like me with our real men knowing that will never be you? Does it torment you to know you'll never be that guy with a hot girlfriend on his arm - walking into a club with someone as pretty as me - never getting to touch someone like me - that must make you feel so pathetic. You're just the simp who funds my lifestyle - buying me the cute dresses and hot lingerie I wear for the kind of guys that deserve it. You're just the pussy who allows a bratty girl to ruin his finances - blowing his paychecks on shoes and bags - leaving you with scraps to live on for the rest of the month. You're just the oinktard who strokes his cock to the thought of girl like me making your life a total fucking misery - well guess what, loser - the pleasure is all mine! Ooze as you Lose, oinktard!

Added: 15-05-2023
Clip Length: 14m 54s
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