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I'm Gonna Let My Girlfriends Lock You Up
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It's only been a little while and you're already being SO annoying about it. "Please can you unlock me now Miss." ... "When's my release day Goddess?" ... "It hurts so much, Princess". It's kinda pathetic. Chastity isn't supposed to be easy, cage-boi - what did you even expect? I mean, ok the cage is a little small I guess but at least I didn't lock you up in the spiked cage - that would've really given you something to whine about. You've been locked in that little thing for no time, and I'm already bored of hearing your begging for release and crying about how much your balls ache... Yawwwwn! Like I fucking care. I don't care about how much you want out of that thing - and I certainly don't want to hear about it either so if you're going to keep whining about it I'm gonna have to outsource your keyholding to someone else aren't I? That way there'll be absolutely no point at all crying to me all the time - I won't have your key anyway.

My girlfriends are coming over in a little while. Megan, Amy, and Mila and I guess this would be the perfect time to introduce them to the whole chastity thing - don't-cha think cage-boi? When they get here I'm gonna call you into the room and pull down your pants right in front of them to show them what I did to you. There'll be no hiding your pathetic pussy-free status, your demotion from boyfriend to simp or your submissive position in our relationship when they see that little pink cage locked to your rejected little wimp-dick. You'll just stand there and twitch in your cage as my hot girlfriends burst into tears of laughter at you. And when they're done Oh-My-Godding and What-The-Fucking and Pointing and sniggering at you - I'll make you explain what it is - and why you're wearing it. You can tell them it's a chastity cage and you're locked up because you're not allowed to touch yourself or get a boner or cum without permission. They are gonna love seeing you blushing red with shame as you stutter out all the embarrassing reasons you have to stay locked in chastity.

I'm gonna tell all my hot girlfriends that you've been crying about being all locked up ever since I snapped you into the cage and then I'm gonna make you ask one of them to keep you locked up for me. Uh-huh - you're gonna beg one of my girlfriends to lock you up, chastity-boi. How fucking humiliating for you - begging one of my girlfriends to let you clip the pretty necklace that holds your key around her neck. Seeing your key gently resting between her cleavage - trapping you in your cage with no hope of getting out anytime soon - at least until she comes over for another girl's night... and then who knows maybe we'll make you beg one of the other girls to take control of that key... I guess that'll depend on how good you've been huh? My girlfriends are going to enjoy this - teasing the fuck out of you while you're all locked up - coming over just to make fun of you - taunting you whenever you get the chance. Maybe this will teach you not to whine about being all locked up from now on, cage-toy

Added: 17-05-2024
Clip Length: 15m 27s
Chastity Humiliation

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