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You know how they say all good things must come to an end? Well in your case that's doubly true. You see, I'm sick and tired of how you squeal and moan every time I'm pegging you with my big black strap-on. Your ass should really be broken in by now, so I can't accept that you're still complaining about how much it hurts. In fact, I'm starting to think it must be because I've been going too easy on you. If you're going to be my pimped out sissy whore, you need to be able to take all sizes with a smile. So, I've decided that you need severe anal training. Firstly, you're going to be wearing a butt-plug at all times. I want you constantly stretched out to your very limit, with a plug SO big that you can't sit down without your eyes tearing up and your little dick leaking out pre-cum. Then after a week or two, when your asshole has become sufficiently loose, I'm going to invite over one of my girlfriends. We'll each strap-on a HUGE Hankey's toys dildo and then it's double penetration time for you! Haha! We're gonna ram both our hard cocks into your sore little boy pussy at the same time and fuck the cock-fear right out of you! Think of it as a form of therapy! You'll be filled to the brim and fucked so hard you'll ooze out the most painful prostate-pounded orgasm you've ever had - and then we'll scoop up your sticky spunk, smear it on our dildos and use your man-filth as lube to fuck you a second time. After all that I'm very confident that you won't complain about the pain of being fucked in the ass ever again. Isn't that right sissy?

Added: 20 Apr 2019
Clip Length: 13m 05s