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Keeping You Locked To Keep You Shrinking
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I know you trusted me with the keys to your chastity device and that I agreed to release you, but I don't see the point of doing so. Your extended term in chastity has had a remarkable effect on the size of your cock- shrinking it down by an inch already. I guess I'm curious to see how much smaller I can make it by keeping you locked in chastity for another year. Aw come on - a year isn't that much and besides, you're already at a size that makes your cock completely useless to any woman. I'm sure you wouldn't ask a hot dominant girl like me to release you from chastity just so that you can jerk off right? So again, why should I unlock you? Now that your helpless cock is shrinking away through its inactivity and inability to get hard, I want to reduce it to a size that is worse than just useless. I want it humiliatingly small. I'm going to keep you locked in chastity for so long that once you're finally released, you'll wish it was hidden inside it's pink cage. The humiliation of your chastity device being exposed to hot, bratty mean girls will be nothing compared to the shame of having your tiny naked cock on display. I want every girl to see your shrunken micro-penis so that they can laugh in your stupid embarrassed face. I'm going to get all my girlfriends together to tell them about the little chastity experiment I've put you through. How I locked you up just to shrink your cock and ruin your sexlife forever. They are gonna cry with laughter when the see the results - and that's exactly the reaction you're going to get from every girl that sees it.
Jessie Boulevard
08/04/2019 - 12 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Keeping You Locked To Keep You Shrinking - #Chastity