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Does she even know about your embarrassing fetishes? Like don't even pretend to not know what I'm talking about loser - I heard all about the date you have tonight and if you think for one second I'm gonna let you off the hook and trick another girl into dating you - you are totally fucking mistaken! I bet you haven't told her you're a secret submissive, right? You've pretended to be a real-man haven't you? The truth is, just like I found out and dumped you, so will she eventually so why even try Mr Humili-Porn Creamer? And now that I know all about you, I'm making it my new hobby to destroy all your chances with other girls because submissive little pansies like you deserve to be panty-blocked. I'll fuck up your dates and cut-off your relationships with girls before they even begin... starting with little Miss Unaware tonight.

So, loser, if you don't want your bratty ex-girlfriend to call her up and tell her all about your fetish for being bossed around and bullied by snarky popular girls, then you have to agree to wear these emasculation panties on your date with her tonight. Uh-huh loser - I'm PANTY-BLOCKING you - which means as long as your laughable little pee-pee is tucked inside your sissy-panties, you won't be getting it out in front of her will you? Not unless you want your fantasy of being totally fucking humiliated to come true! I mean it's one thing jerking off to humili-porn in front of your screen like a fist-creaming little pig, and quite another being exposed as a panty-wearing sissy for real! So if you don't want me to call her right now and tell her you're an actual sissy - wear the fucking panties!

And that's not it panty-boy. I want you to wear a butt-plug on your date too. Under your panty-blocker panties and buried deep inside your ass - she'll never suspect a thing sissy! She might not be able to see it but you certainly won't be able to ignore it loser. That panty-encased plug will remind you all night long that you're not good enough for your date. You'll fidget and wriggle on that big ass-stretching plug as you try not to leak a pathetic sissygasm into your panties... now that really would be embarrassing wouldn't it? Can you imagine being sat with your date as that big plug hits your little sissy g-spot and you get that silly look on your face and org-spasm right in front of her! She'd probably think you've made cummy-panties just by looking at her! Haha! So what's it gonna be you little dweeb - do you want me to ruin your date or are you gonna wear your panties and plug?

Added: 12 Oct 2020
Clip Length: 15m 51s