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Pay To Slurp 2
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Hey my little cuckold cum-dumpster! Are you hungry for your jealousy juice? Of course you are! You're always desperate to gulp down some slimy Alpha-male cum. Well you're in luck faggot, because my real man and I fucked a whole bunch of times last night, so I have a huge pile of his used condoms for you to suck on. How lucky are you? Since you're buying in bulk today, I'm even giving you a discount, so it's only £1,200 for these five fully loaded condoms. Pay up! That's a good cucky. Now that you've paid me, I do have a bit of a confession to make. You know how I told you that these condoms come from all the hot real men I've been cuckolding you with? Well, the thing is ... I kinda lied. Did you really think I was asking my real men for their used condoms? Fuck no! I'd never bother my studs with your disgusting sperm addiction. The condoms I've been feeding you come from the trash cans at the local adult bookstore. I know a guy who works there, and I pay him £5 per condom he fishes out of the trash for you. That's right, you've been slurping down loads of spunk from those dirty old creeps who jerk off together in the dark and suck each other's dicks. I don't even know if they're safe... for all I know you could have been drinking STDs for weeks haha! And here's the really funny thing, faggot, even after I've told you the truth, you're still going to be buying condoms from me. Only, now you know that they're from random perverts you're not going to be enjoying them in quite the same way. It's going to be just like how we started - you're going to be wincing and gagging on every mouthful. Your face is going to be shame-red and you're going to truly hate every second of it. Best of all - you're paying for it - you're paying to feel so humiliated and degraded. Now open wide! You've got £1200 worth of nasty trash can cumloads to suck on!
Tiger Lily
11/10/2019 - 15 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Pay To Slurp 2 - #CumEatingInstruction