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Before you even meet the girl of your dreams - you'd better be ready for her loser. You'd better be locked in chastity for her before you've even met her. She doesn't even know you exist yet - maybe you've worshipped her from afar like a creepy little wimp who's too intimidated by her total hotness to speak to her. Maybe she's one of the online femdom Princesses from the CruelGirlfriend team - or maybe she's an out-of-your-league dating-app brat just an accidental swipe right away from a real-life meet-up. Whoever she is - she's too good for you and she deserves to have you fully prepared before you get her attention. She deserves you to be locked up in chastity for her. She deserves for you to be caged up with that key all ready for her to take control of. When you finally get to meet the girl of your dreams - your inferior failure-dick is going to be pre-snapped into it's device with a cute pink bow tied around it and a little gift tag explaining why she gets to take the key from you.

If you're lucky - she'll already know all about chastity and the effects it has on submissive little wimps like you. She'll know that with your dick all locked up you'll be exactly the kinda simp she'll be able to take total advantage of. You'll be super obedient and eager to please. You'll be totally focussed on pleasing her without the selfish distractions your beta-dick would normally cause. You'll worship her - you'll do whatever she says - you'll become her servant for as long as she has you locked up. If you're lucky she'll be super-pleased you're pre-locked for her and she'll take the key from you with a cute giggle, a flick of her hair and a click of her pretty finger towards her heel. You'll show her the respect she deserves won't you chastity-simp? You'll show her the submission you owe your new owner and you'll drop to your knees and kiss her shoe - accepting your place.

You need to be pre-locked for ALL girls loser. You deserve to be caged away before you meet any girl, before you approach the hot new girl at the office or the single girl at the gym... before you swipe right, before you look at the girls in the club and before you head out on a date - you'll be locked away in chastity. Pre-locked, just in case one of those girls shows you any interest at all - because you don't deserve them. You don't deserve pussy - all you deserve is you have your dick controlled by the girls you worship so much. Kept in chastity by your dream-girl keyholder while she lives her best life - cheating on you, spending your money, enjoying all the luxuries and the lifestyle she deserves - that you will provide because you're her bitch. You're gonna do it loser pre-lock yourself right now. Pre-lock your cock for the girl you haven't met yet. Pre-lock yourself because I say so - do it loser - do it right now - cage yourself for girls who don't know you exist - do it now chastity-simp!

Added: 08 May 2022
Clip Length: 15m 48s