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Do you remember how it all started 'boss'? How you hired me because I was the best looking girl who applied to be your PA? You were in love the moment you saw me. You couldn't keep your eyes off my round peachy arse, or my big tits. When I flirted with you, you thought I liked you and you didn't think twice about cheating on your wife with me. Little did you know I'd soon have you addicted. I made you dump her and I made your beloved offspring hate you just so you could be with me... How stupid you were! First I cut off sex, denying you for weeks on end, only letting that little dicklet spurt in return for gifts and money. Then I locked you in a pink chastity cage, told you it was for the best, so you could fuck me harder when I let you. Little did you know, I was never going to let your sissy clit out. Now you stand before me in chastity and it's time to complete my plan. The gifts and the money were nice, but it disgusts me that you have to give them to me. It's time for me to take control of it all. Firstly, you're going to sign this form giving me a pay rise to your salary. I want to earn more than anyone else here. To compensate - you will take a pay cut, all the way down to ZERO. You will depend on me for food and money. Next, you're signing the deeds to your big house over to me. Finally, I want the company cucky boy. Sign the shares over to me and I might let you make a gooey sissy puddle. As long as you eat it all up after. Go on, sign away everything you own to the cruel young manipulatrix who broke up you marriage, took your tiny cock away and now owns your company.

Added: 31 May 2019
Clip Length: 12m 56s