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You just don't have what it takes to stand up to a hot bratty girl like me. You're a simp - a pathetic girl-worshipping beta wimp. You can't date girls like us - intimidating mean-girl bullies. Even if you had the guts to ask us - you're not the kind of guy girls like me want to be with. Bratty girls like me can take what we want from wimps like you - we can use you and take advantage of you because we know losers like you need to keep girls like me happy. You dream of having a little of my attention - for me to notice you. You dream of dating me maybe even fucking me but these far-fetched little fantasies of yours is what makes you SO easy to manipulate. You want the bratty girl to be nice to you - so you just let me take your money.

You're just a brat-girl's perfect manipulation toy aren't you. I lure you in with a little tease and a little flirting and you just fall for it every time. You think there's a chance for you don't you? You think you're getting somewhere with me as I flash you a pretty smile, a girlish giggle, and a cute twizzle of my hair - just enough to let you think that I might actually like you... which I don't of course loser. Then, when you're drunk on my pretty face and my dream-girl body, I'll tell you to pay me. Ouch! Is this all a trick, loser, is the too-good-for-you brat only interested in your money? Is the girl you'd never have the guts to approach in a club rinsing you? You fucking bet she is loser! But even though you know she's fucking you over - you'll still pay me. You'll hand over your money because I deserve it and you don't. This is the price pay-pig wimps like you have to pay for a hot brat-girl's attention.

Don't be sad loser. It's not all your fault you're weak and submissive. It's not your fault you're inferior and pathetic. You just have to accept that girls like me will never ever want a man like you. You'll never be the kind of guy a girl like me will want to date or fuck or do anything other than rinse. You have to accept that it's your place to be rinsed by hot bratty girls like me! We'll only ever want you for you money and using you and manipulating you makes taking it from you even more fun. Building your hopes up and making you think your dreams are about to come true - just to smash them into a million pieces - that's fun to a girl like me piggie. All you'll ever be to a girl like me is a paypig - something to rinse - a means of payment. And you're so fucking stupid you'll never say no to me - never ever loser!

Added: 18 Jul 2021
Clip Length: 14m 42s