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Whatever you do - nothing takes away that endless frustration. Since I locked you up in that extra small chastity device your desperation for some form of sexual pleasure has just got worse and worse. Orgasm denial is bad enough but not even being able to enjoy an erection - how does a caged loser like you even begin to cope? Logically, you should do everything possible to avoid situations that may cause arousal - but you can't do that can you loser? In fact, being locked in chastity does the opposite as you try to find some way of experiencing some form of sexual pleasure.

Unfortunately for you, because that little loser-stick is under secure lock-down, you won't find any pleasure in the normal way - you have to find humiliating ways of enjoying yourself - which is why your little pink cage is now hidden away under a pretty pair of satin panties. Chastity was just the start of an embarrassing introduction into feminization. You're a locked up sissy now aren't you? Cock-locked and dressed in satin panties. a matching bra, stockings and heels. You're getting some pleasure being a submissive sissy but it's not quite satisfaction is it sissy?

The only way a locked-up sissy can get any 'satinfaction' whilst her satin-encased, cock-locked pee-pee is off limits is to take it like a girl. Ah-ha sissy - if you can't get no satinfaction - you're gonna have to submit to a good, hard ass-fucking and hope it's severe enough to let you leak out a humiliating sissygasm. The good news for you sissy - is I have a huge Hankey's Toys monster cock loaded into a heavy-duty harness just for you? Would you like me to pull down those delicate panties and give you some satinfaction?

Added: 24 Jan 2020
Clip Length: 16m 21s