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You Deserve To Be Cuckolded
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I WILL be cuckolding you. Not just because you don't satisfy me - but because I want to humiliate you. I want to punish you for not being man enough for me. I really do love you, I guess, but its time other men showed you how a girl like me needs to be treated in the bedroom. I want you to see me being used like a slut - I want you to have to watch helplessly as men fuck me, as I suck their cocks, as they grab my big tits and do whatever they like to your little princess. I know it's gonna hurt you, but I don't care - I want it to hurt you. I'm going to make you help me get ready for them - you're going to help me get dressed, brush my hair, paint my nails. You're going to prepare the bedroom and stock up on condoms. You're going to take care of every detail and when the doorbell rings - you're going to let him in. You're going to greet him, take his coat and offer 'Sir' a drink. Then you'll bring him to the bedroom where your hot cheating girlfriend will be waiting. Maybe we'll make you kneel in the corner, facing the wall or send you to sit in the closet or lay under the bed. You'll hear me making fun of you with him - telling him that you don't know how to fuck me properly and that you deserve to be cuckolded. You'll hear me ask him if he'd like me to strip for him - telling him that I made you buy this lingerie set just for him. You'll hear me suck his cock - making all the sounds you love to hear. You'll hear me beg him to fuck me in your favourite position, begging him to fuck me harder and you'll hear me begging him to cum inside me. Then, after he's done - we'll make you clean up all of his mess - which will just prove that you deserve to be cuckolded.
Queen Kitty
27/09/2019 - 14 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - You Deserve To Be Cuckolded - #Chastity