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Anal Edging In Chastity - Ending 2
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Every true sissy understands the only way they deserve to cum is from penetration. True sissies don't get to stroke their inferior, limp-dicks to orgasm - in fact TRUE sissies are kept permanently limp and locked in chastity to remove the temptation. Real sissies know their only hope of releasing the pressure in their blue beta-balls and experiencing some sexual pleasure is from taking cock in their ass. Real sluts take it a step further - real sluts only get to cum from taking the biggest, fattest cocks if their slut-holes. You're going to be my real slut and you will learn to cum from being stretched wide by huge cocks. I have an ultra heavy-duty strap-on harness and seriously awesome selection of Hankey's Toys silicone dildos to fuck into you and stretch your sissy-slut ass. You're going to take every one of these monster cocks until you cum. I'm going to bend you over and make you present your sissy ass to me. Lift up your pretty skirt and offer yourself to my big fake cocks. I'm going to push them in, inch-by-inch, stretching you out until you're begging me to stop. You're going to beg and beg me not to put another millimetre of cock inside you - beg me with all your heart... and then I'm going to give you more. Sluts don't get to choose how much cock they take - I decide, and if you ever want to cum again, you'll take more and more until your hole is stretched wide open. I have so many cocks to fuck into you and you'll take them all sissy - or trust me you'll never get to cum again. Once you've been stretched by my fat cock I'll pound you hard and deep and I'll make you cum all over again.
Lucie Jones
02/12/2018 - 12 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Anal Edging In Chastity - Ending 2 - #edging