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So it's finally gone through, that horrible messy divorce you've suffered. You've lost half of everything to your nasty cheating wife. And paid me, your lawyer quite a lot in the process. She really did a number on you that wife of yours, fucking your brother, fucking your boss, even fucking your best friend. And you're such a wimp she still got far more than she deserved. The holiday home, the cars and even the pets. You can thank me for that. Even as you were sat here drooling over me, paying me way over the going rate I was getting more and more turned on reading the details of your pathetic marriage and the amazing life your wife was living. So yes, I did a worse and worse job for you, handing her more and more cash. Giving away more of your things, costing you more of your cash. But because I know all the details, I know there's still more left loser boy. I know you've still got some. And I want it. I've seen you stare at my tits in my low-cut tops, I've seen you stare at my stocking tops. And I know just how submissive and weak you are faggot. I know your tiny dick is straining just now hearing this. I'm going to take over your life just like she did. I'm going to replace her and take control of you loser boy. I'm going to treat you worse than her. You're going to go from suffering with her to double suffering with me. You'll take your pants down now and sign these. Look how hard that tiny dick is. I've even got you a sissy loser pink pen to sign with. Sign this prenup, sign your life away. It won't be long until it's me fucking your brother and your boss, me living the life I deserve. I'm going to from your lawyer to your goddess.

Added: 22 Sep 2019
Clip Length: 15m 01s