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So this is the first time you've used the agency? I understand the regular Call Girl Agency referred you to us because they felt you were not man enough for their girls. Well that's all fine - I'll just talk you through how things will work out but let's just get the awkward transaction side of things out of the way first - do you have an envelope for me? Great - I'll count the money in a moment.

So this division of the call girl agency looks after the kind of guys that just wouldn't know what to do with the beautiful, elite models we have on the books. Losers like you think it's as simple as calling up a VIP agency and having a flawless goddess delivered to give you the night of your life. That's not how it works - you'd be a stuttering, stammering mess if one of our girls turned up to fuck you - instead you get sent one of the Chastity Call Girls - and we know EXACTLY what to do with wimps like you.

You're going to be locked up in one of our secure devices and teased all fucking night. There's going to be no fucking hot girls for you - ever again loser - no matter how much you're willing to pay. Once this device goes on - the only girls you'll ever get to spend time with will be the Chastity Call Girls. You're going to be caged away from too-good-for you models and you're going to pay for girls like me to torture the fuck out of you.

You can pay to be humiliated, you can pay for us to cock-tease you, to grind our hot bodies against your helpless locked-up cock, you can pay for us to strip-tease and lapdance - you can even pay to watch us fuck real men but you'll never ever pay us to fuck you. Never ever loser.

Added: 19 Jan 2020
Clip Length: 14m 30s