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Fucking My Boyfriend's Cum Into You
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My boyfriend really knows how to fuck me but OMG he leaves this place so messy after he's done! Look at the place cuckold - there's used condoms all over the place and my torn, cum-soaked, panties are thrown on the floor. What I need is an obedient cuckold wimp to clean up all of the mess right after my boyfriend has finished fucking me... Which is exactly the reason why I keep YOU around for, cuckold! You're my clean-up boy and you're supposed to be taking care of all my boyfriend's used condoms and tidying up after us. You've become sloppy, cuckold and I'm gonna have to teach you a humiliating lesson for not keeping on top of your chores, aren't I? If you're not going to tidy up after my boyfriend, it looks like I'm gonna have to. I'm going to make sure I put his fully-loaded alpha-slimed condoms somewhere they'll stay out of sight forever - like fucked deep into your cuckold ass!

I'm going to push each of his XXL cum-loaded condoms into your ass and pound them into you with my strap-on. If you had tidied up after us like a good little cuckold this wouldn't be happening to you but you decided to leave them all over the place, so you can take the consequences. My boyfriend's slimy bags of spunk are going to be fucked into you and you'll keep them inside until I decide you can let them out. You can just be grateful it's me that's going to fuck them into your ass and not him cuckold. You can thank me for that as I'm pushing each of last nights condoms deep inside you with my big thick silicone cock. You can thank me for feeding your ass with his used condoms - you can thank me for being my condom disposal cuck - my cum dustbin. This is the lesson you need for leaving all his condoms on the bedroom floor after he's fucked me, cuckold and you're going to thank me for it.

I know that after you've been bent over and strap-on fucked full of real-man cum, you'll promise to be the best cuckold clean-up bitch a girl could ever want. I know that after you've suffered this emasculating lesson - pegged full of used condoms by your cheating little Princess, you'll promise to serve me and by boyfriend properly. But I have no intention of giving you the opportunity to let yourself down again cuckold. The next time my boyfriend comes over to fuck me, I'm going to make you crouch in the corner of the room with your ass in the air and a funnel pushed deep into your hole, so we can just throw his used condoms straight inside of you. You can stare at the floor and listen to all my cute sex-noises as my boyfriend fucks me and when he's filled up another condom with another superior load - we'll drop it into the funnel and watch it slide straight down inside of you. You'll literally become our cuckold condom dustbin!

Added: 03-07-2022
Clip Length: 14m 43s
Pegging Humiliation Cuckolding

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