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I promised didn't I? I promised that after the wedding you'd get everything you've been waiting for. You'd get to fuck your dream-girl - just like you've always wanted - just like you've been so desperate to do since we started dating. And who could blame you right? Look at me I'm literally so fucking hot aren't I? I'm pretty, I'm fit, I have the perfect body - big tits, a tight little waist and a cute ass. You're so lucky - I'm way too good for you and you know it - which is why you gave in to the chastity device. Locking your cock away until the wedding night was a price worth paying for the girl of your dreams wasn't it? Suffering all those nights in bed with me - unable to do a thing - my ass pushing into that poor frustrated would-be boner as you counted down the 'sleeps' until our big day - knowing as soon as that ring was on my finger - you'd get your chance... that I'd unlock you and let you finally get what you've been denied for so long...

And so here we are - the night you've been waiting for - your dream-girl is now your wife and you're ready for that device to come off. You poor desperate reject - you probably can't take another second being locked in there can you? You'd probably be willing to do anything for me right now - for me to take that thing off - just like I promised I would. But where would be the fun in that huh? You've been trapped in that thing for so long - why rush just because the wedding guests have gone home?.. Don't you enjoy the tease? Don't you want to admire my beautiful body just a little more before I release you? Don't you want to stare at your new bride as I tease the fuck outta you? Look at me reject - look at your trophy bride in my teasy little outfit - my perfect tits - my ass - my gym-toned body. Does it hurt reject? Is that what it is - it hurts when I tease you so much - your helpless cock bursting in that little cock-prison - you want out of there so much don't you... so why don't you beg me, reject - beg your bride...

Teased and teased, over and over - just like as it's always been for you, reject. All through our dating - all through the engagement - you've been teased and tormented by me. My short skirts, my pretty lingerie sets, my tight tops and my killer heels - all worn to make your time in chastity as difficult as possible... and the bad news is that marriage is gonna be no different for you - you're not coming out of there - I'm keeping you locked up in sickness and in health, for as long as we both may live. You're not my husband - you're my chastity slave - my worship drone - my denied-by-the-bride reject forever and ever. I know I promised - but I lied and unless you want to divorce the hottest girl you've ever had - the girl all your friends want to fuck, the girl who has the keys to your cock - I suggest you suck it up and prepare to live as my teased-and denied little simp - happily ever after.

Added: 30 Aug 2021
Clip Length: 14m 16s