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Expose Yourself
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It still makes me smile sometimes when I think about the desperate tears streaking lines of mascara down those powdered cheeks, as this one sissy literally cried and begged me not to send his female boss all those pictures and videos of him dressed in pink lingerie, sucking dicks and taking it up the ass. I almost felt sorry for him, but it was just too funny to watch his entire life go down in flames because of one little mouse click. All my sissy toys end up the same way. I exploit and drain them financially until they have nothing left to give, and then I out all their deviant sexual hang-ups. That is going to happen to you too and there's no way out of it sissy but I'm kind of tired of doing all that exposing myself, so I've decided that you're going to do it for me. That's right, sissy! I want you to out yourself online! I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the show, while you log into your social media accounts and update your profile pictures, type out your gross fantasies one by one, and post picture after picture, video after video. I will make you press that button, again and again, and you'll be posting all your most embarrassing secrets for the whole world to see, on your own accounts, under your own name. Once I'm done with you, every single person in your life will have seen your most compromising and humiliating photos and videos. They'll finally know you for who you really are, with all your perverted fantasies laid bare. Then as the coup de grace, I'll make you record yourself jerking off to how you're doing all of it, so everyone can see that actually you're getting off on exposing yourself like this! Haha!
Mila Amora
15/07/2019 - 12 minutes
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