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I'll fuck up your whole life cos I'm bored - that's all the reason I need to homewreck your yawn-fest of a marriage. Brat girls like me LOVE to let basic-bitch wives like yours know who's better. I'll prove it to her by making you get a fucking divorce only just to turn you into my submissive fucked-over bitch! You worship me - your unobtainable brat-goddess. You goon and you drool and you jerk your sad little married cock to me - would you ever do that to your wife. I didn't think so! You want to fuck a girl that looks like me - not a girl that looks like your ugly wife! You want a hot brat sucking your cock don't you pervert? Your boring little wife probably doesn't even do that right? I could steal you away from her without even trying. She wouldn't stand a fucking chance - I'm impossible for a weak little loser like you to resist - You'd divorce her for me. You'd forget all about her just so you could serve me. Divorce her to be my SLAVE and I'd make you do it just to break my boredom!

You see, a slave is all you could ever be to me - nothing more than that. I can get any guy I want, hot guys - real men! So dating a reject like you isn't ever gonna happen. A loser who has spent his marriage jerking off to humili-porn brats on the internet, someone who allows girls like me to bully and humiliate him, someone who I can wrap around my little finger and would never stand up to me or challenge me. No, loser, girls like me want REAL MEN. Handsome men with six-packs and big dicks! Haha! So when I'm bored and decide to make wimps like you divorce their average little wives - it's not so I can steal you away to date or fuck or marry you myself... EUGHW No! It's just so I can take away what your wife wants. It's just to homewreck you for something to do. Once I've ruined your marriage you'll become my slave. That's all loser.

Your new life with me will have one purpose loser - to make me happy. You'll do everything you can to make sure my life is perfect. You'll take extra jobs so you can afford to spoil me. You'll worship and serve and take care of all the chores and make sure I don't have to lift a damn finger. And that will be your new life - my SLAVE! The pathetic home-wrecked loser who divorced his boring wife to become a Femdom Brat's submissive servant! Serving the bratty princess who fucked up your marriage. You'll be nobody's boyfriend and nobody's husband - just my slave! And while you're busy being my worker-drone, you'll get to witness me living my best life with my boyfriends and snarky girlfriends while you pay the price for letting a malicious little brat fuck up your marriage. You'll get bullied and laughed at and we'll make fun on how I fucked up your marriage just for something to do and I'll make you say thank me for doing it to you every fucking day!

Added: 20 Aug 2021
Clip Length: 14m 32s