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Leaky Throbby Denial
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You can't do a single thing about it can you loser. You're all locked up - squished inside that little chastity device. I haven't even started with you but you're already trying to grow in there. It's not going to get hard - it'll try to but it can't loser. I'm going to tease the fuck out of you and make you truly regret allowing yourself to be trapped inside that cock-cage. All you can do is sit, helplessly, as you watch your dream girl tease you with what you’ll never ever have. Chastity losers like you don’t get girls like me in fact now that you're locked up - you won’t be getting any girls at all! I'm going to keep that little pee-pee all squished up in chastity FOREVER - just so I can tease and deny you over and over and over! You're going to have to watch me getting ready for my real man dates - helping me with my outfits, pulling up my stockings and fastening the suspenders for me. You're going to listen to me telling you all the thing I'm going to let him do to me - what I want him to do to me. Your poor little dick is going to feel like it's being crushed inside that device. My hot body - so close to you but you can't do a thing. My dream girl looks, my huge tits and perfect ass are gonna make you so desperate - so fucking frustrated but can't so a single thing loser. All you can do is watch - that's your sex-life now - watching haha! Watch me and listen to me to humiliate you for not being the kind of real man that gets to fuck girls anymore. The only thing you get from now on is leaky throbby denial as your helpless cock suffers for me in that tight pink cock-cage.
Queen Kitty
15/09/2019 - 15 minutes
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